The Campaigns Hub is a resource point where you can find simple ways to make a positive difference in our country and beyond by taking part in current campaigns organised by leading Christian organisations.

These campaigns don’t involve giving money, but instead just a bit of your time.  Whether you know a lot about the issues or just want to start campaigning you could be emailing the Prime Minister, Government Departments or your own MP within seconds.  Usually you’ll be asked to sign a petition or send an email to an MP or foreign ambassador.  Most of the time you’ll even find that the emails are prewritten so you can either send one as it is or edit it to make it more personal.

Many of these campaigns have been successful.  Just think about the Make Poverty History campaign.  It achieved incredible things around the world and has changed the lives of millions living in the poorest countries.  It all started with Christians in the UK getting together and making their voices heard.

Don’t just sit there, do something!

These are the organisations and campaigns currently part of the hub (click to go to their respective campaigns page):

Barnabas Fund


Christian Aid

Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Coalition for Marriage (external site)

Faithfulness Matters  (external site)

Government e-petitions

Open Doors



World Vision

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