Tearfund is a leading relief and development charity, working in partnership with Christian agencies and churches worldwide to tackle the causes and effects of poverty.


Act for Europe to strengthen its climate commitments
Over the coming weeks, critical talks will take place within Europe about climate change. Environment Ministers will be negotiating what part Europe will play to reduce global emissions and move towards a global deal to tackle the problem. These discussions will feed into important European Council meetings in June attended by country leaders.  Ed Davey, the new Climate Secretary, has a key role to play in these talks.

Email Ed Davey to ask him to push for the EU to adopt a higher emissions cuts target at the upcoming talks.  GO>>

Call on the Business Minister to stop industry lobbyists weakening new EU transparency laws.
Today half the world’s people live in countries with an abundance of oil, gas and minerals.  Yet secrecy and corruption often results in this wealth going missing. In Africa alone a staggering $148 billion disappears every year, that’s £3,000 a second!  European leaders, including Business Minister Norman Lamb MP, have a vital role to play in tackling this injustice. Passing new laws will stop this disappearing act. But industry lobbyists are fighting hard to weaken these proposals.

Email Norman Lamb MP to stop new EU transparency laws being watered down.  GO>>

Call on our government to protect poor people who are hit hardest by climate change
Responding to climate change is a matter of justice.  We can all play our part through changing our lifestyle and praying. But, we must also call on our government to protect poor people who are hit hardest by the problem.  The UK can do more to decrease its emissions and provide climate cash to help poor people respond to climate change.

Email the Prime Minister asking that he ensures the UK plays its part in fighting climate change internationally.  GO>>

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