Open Doors is a Christian charity serving persecuted Christians worldwide through the delivery of Bibles, training, livelihood loans, skills, education and advocacy.


Loose the chains of injustice for Algerian Christians
The Algerian church has experienced an astronomic revival over the last couple of decades. Yet, despite growing numbers, it experiences persecution from the Government and society. In response to this Open Doors is campaigning for the Algerian Government to repeal the repressive religious law, Ordinance 06-03, and to provide justice for persecuted believer, Karim Siaghi.

Read Karim Siaghi’s story then email the Algerian Ambassador in the United Kingdom voicing your concern about Karim’s sentence and urging the Algerian authorities to rescind Ordinance 06-03.  GO>>

Speak out for vulnerable Iraqi Christians
Sectarian violence caused tens of thousands of Christians to leave Iraq in 2011. Christians feel that the government fails to protect them, with individuals being threatened, robbed, raped or kidnapped and churches being bombed. Iraq’s constitution says each individual has freedom of thought, conscience and belief, but there is no article on changing one’s religion and Islamic law forbids conversion of Muslims to other religions. In August 2011, at least four churches were targeted by bomb attacks in Kirkuk. The situation in Kurdistan, for a long time considered a safe haven for Christians, has deteriorated due to Islamic extremism.

Email the Iraqi Prime Minister, asking that he prioritises the immediate protection of Christians and helps guarantee their safety.   GO>>

Advocate on the behalf of Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria
Compass Direct news reported that the terrorist group, Boko Haram, claimed responsibility for killing over 50 Christians in multiple states at the beginning of 2012.  This terrible violence has spilled over from 2011 where November saw villages near Jos – the capital of Plateau State – experience attacks which left at least 45 Christians dead.

Email the Nigerian High Commissioner in the United Kingdom voicing your concern about the recent violence in Plateau State, Nigeria.  GO>>

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