The e-petition scheme is a scheme introduced by the government to enable members of the public to influence government policy in the UK. If there is something that the Government is responsible for that you want to see changed, you can create an e-petition and gather signatures in support. If you get 100,000 signatures, your petition will be eligible for debate in the House of Commons.


I believe that God can heal
Whether or not we believe that God can heal, we call on the Government to ensure that publishing statements of faith is not banned. This petition is put forward following cases where the Advertising Standards Agency has banned Christian groups from publishing material with the words ‘God can heal’,

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Action against Christian Persecution
Noting the Prime Minister’s recent call in a speech marking the 400th Anniversary of the King James Bible to “stand up and defend” the values and morals from it that have shaped the UK, we the undersigned call on the House of Commons to consider the matter of Christian persecution around the world; call on the Government to take action against those Governments that either perpetrate acts of persecution against Christians or fail to protect Christians against persecution and call on the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to publish an annual report on Religious Freedom around the world.

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  1. What a sad comment on our government that such a petition is even necessary

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