Christian Aid is an international development charity working with people, of all faiths and none, in around 50 countries, to eradicate poverty.


Make sure the world’s poorest are heard at the G20 in June
At just seven years old, Juan David Valladares Paz already has first-hand experience of how climate change and tax dodging keep people poor in Guatemala.  When UK prime minister David Cameron heads to Mexico in June, we need to make sure he takes stories like Juan’s with him.

Email the PM and urge him to put the poor first at the G20.  GO>>

Trace the Tax – Demand tougher EU tax laws
In February thousands of Christian Aid campaigners wrote to the UK’s business minister, Norman Lamb, calling on him to support new EU transparency laws for oil, mining and forestry companies.  Now we need to keep up the pressure further along the chain ahead of discussions in the European Parliament over the coming weeks.  The proposed laws could help combat corruption and tax dodging in some of the world’s poorest countries.

Email your MEPs now and ensure they know what these proposed laws could mean for the world’s poorest.  GO>>

Remind the Government of its promise to be the ‘greenest ever’
Despite promising the ‘greenest government ever’, the coalition has still not yet made it mandatory for UK businesses to report their emissions.  Mandatory reporting would be a major step towards reducing the 12-15% of global carbon emissions UK-listed companies are responsible for.  On 27 March, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman once again delayed the decision on mandatory reporting. We need her to reaffirm the government’s commitment.

Email to Caroline Spelman MP and urge her to to put the world’s poor first.  GO>>

Encourage Unilever to support the ‘Trace the Tax’ campaign
Tax dodging costs lives. It robs poor countries of the taxes they’re owed – money that should be spent building schools and hospitals.  We need to stop some unscrupulous firms dodging tax and our biggest companies can help us: they have the power to help change global accounting rules, so that poor countries can trace the taxes they’re owed. Now we want to deliver our ‘Trace the tax’ messages to their offices and stores via a series of witty and eye-catching actions. We already have a few great ideas of our own. Now we really want to hear yours!

Share your ideas for delivering our tax messages to Unilever and getting them on board with our campaign.  GO>>

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