CAFOD is the Catholic Overseas Development Agency.  It is a development and relief organisation that works in many countries to tackle poverty and encourage development.


Thirst For Change – Turn the tide on water poverty
Taps and toilets save lives – they’re vital for health, education and dignity.  But 783 million people still lack clean water, 2.5 billion are without safe sanitation, and climate change threatens to affect millions more.  Moreover, women and girls in the poorest countries spend up to eight hours each day walking to collect water. They are robbed of a chance to earn a living, go to school, or simply spend time together as a family.

Email PM David Cameron and call on him to lead the world in demanding clean water and safe sanitation for all.  GO>>

Call on the Chancellor and Business Minister to stop industry lobbyists weakening new EU transparency laws.
Today half the world’s people live in countries with an abundance of oil, gas and minerals.  Yet secrecy and corruption often results in this wealth going missing. In Africa alone a staggering $148 billion disappears every year, that’s £3,000 a second!  European leaders, including Chancellor George Osborne MP and Business Minister Norman Lamb MP, have a vital role to play in tackling this injustice. Passing new laws will stop this disappearing act. But industry lobbyists are fighting hard to weaken these proposals.

Email Chancellor George Osborne and the Minister for Business, Innovation and Skills Norman Lamb today. Tell them why you feel it’s important that they make sure businesses open up their books.  GO>>

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