Summer Break

Summer MeadowThe time has come for God and Politics to have its annual summer rest. The plan is to relax for a bit and spend some quality time with God and my family.  Barring any major incidents, I’m not expecting to be adding any new posts now until September.

I’m very aware that producing a blog of this nature involves as much of a spiritual battle as a physical and mental one. Without God’s blessing I doubt I’d be able to keep the site going in the way I have for the last two and a half years. I’ve therefore decided it would be wise to start an official prayer support group. If you think you could spare a few minutes every month or even every week to pray for this site and my work, please send me your email via the Contact Page and I’ll send out a short prayer request summary to you each month.

A very big thank you once again for taking the time to visit this site and read the content whether you do it every day or if you’ve just read one post.  Also an especially big thank you again to everyone who has shared posts on Twitter and Facebook and to those who have left comments. The numbers visiting this site continue to grow month on month and the regular number one spot in the UK religion and belief blog rankings is more to do with the incredible backing I receive than what goes on at this end.

Your support is always valued and appreciated and I hope you’ll want to return once things get going again soon.

God is good,


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  1. Have a good break! We shall miss you. (But very sensible to take a break – if nothing else it helps to keep a sense of freshness and vitality).
    You are too modest about the way the quality of your contribution gets people following this blog. I personally appreciate very much the breadth of comment, the level-headedness, and the clear Christian commitment.
    I look forward to reading more in September.
    George Day

    • Well said, George! I am so grateful for your blog, which is consistent in it intelligent appraisal and comment. (Too many other blogs cannot resist ‘taking sides’ which is usually destructive, and simply UN-Christian)
      You are exemplary in style and content. Thank you very much indeed.
      Prayer support? Yes glad to offer that.

  2. Agree with George. A well deserved break. Thankyou for everything you do. Hopefully get to meet you next week

  3. Yes, thank you Gillan, and hope you have a restful break.

  4. Happy holidays Gillan!

  5. Amen, yes indeed God is good. Enjoy Son-bathing every day and return to the fray refreshed.

  6. Your latest post came through just as Frank and I were discussing how to cover the next couple of weeks, when one or both of us is on holiday – much easier than a solo blog such as yours.

    Wishing you an enjoyable holiday.


  7. Every blessing for you well deserved break.

  8. I have only just come across this blog and have valued those I have read. Thoughtful and informative writing and well pitched to make reading it enjoyable. Thank you. Enjoy the break and will try and support you with prayers

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