O Come All Ye Faithful

Christmas CandlesI’m breaking with tradition and posting on a Sunday, but given the subject matter it feels right.

Every year during the lead up to Christmas throughout the  Advent period I try to find new ways and inspiration to bring something new to my understanding and appreciation of the Christmas story in the hope that I can once again capture in my heart the wonder and awe of the event that was Christ’s birth. Sometimes that has come from meditating on the relevant passages of the Gospel narratives and sometimes from delving into the Old Testament and reading the prophecies that point to Jesus’ coming.

This year I’ve gone back to the traditional carols again. I love to hear new renditions that bring a freshness  and new life to them. Thanks to some friends I’ve discovered the three Advent Christmas EPs by Future of Forestry, which we’ve had on every day at home. It’s stunningly beautiful music that effortlessly draws me into worship each time I put it on. Please listen and enjoy.

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  1. Great music thanks for the link. This year I’ve been preparing for Christmas by re imagining the Christmas story in my town. Got some strong reactions to placing Mary in the council estate and Joseph as a local joiner. I think sometime we forget that they are real people with real emotions. Anyway here is the link to Mary of Market Drayton



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