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  1. Truly impressive man. We need more like him. I was struck by the number of times that he he has stood up for justice and the Kingdom and been arrested (this is never a pleasant experience, and can be quite scary particularly in the USA where the great majority of police are armed.

    I also welcomed his positive endorsements of Justin Welby and Pope Francis.

  2. Yes – thanks for this post, you are a great writer and commentator.

    It was so interesting to hear Wallis at Greenbelt. As part of that talk he urged us all to learn the art of conflict resolution – encouraging Christians to be peace-makers, not peace-lovers. I guess that the latter may well arrive when the first is in place, but nevertheless an interesting thing to mull over at this time. Perhaps the key thing I took away though was the challenge of what it means to say one believes in God? Following through the consequences of what that means for an individual, for society: how can we sit on the sidelines and wonder where our place is?

    As you finished your post with a quote from Jim Wallis, can I trump it (ok, not trump it…maybe follow it up?!) with a double quote: Wallis at Greenbelt quoting Lincoln…work that out after a pint or two…:

    ‘My concern is not whether God is on our side; my greatest concern is to be on God’s side’.

    So maybe let’s all devote ourselves to knowing God more and more each day and praying for greater insight into what His side is at all times?

  3. Beautiful blog for the Polititians and World leaders. By faith they can be transformed.


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