Where will you be on June 8th?

The G8 – 10 days, 3 summits, 1 cause.

In June, the world’s most powerful leaders meet in the UK at the G8 summit.  Global hunger is on the agenda.   The 170+ charities and organisations who have come together as Enough Food For Everyone IF have organised the Big IF Event at Hyde Park on June 8th at 2pm where thousands of people will be getting together to remind the politicians that this is an issue that they have the power to do something about and mustn’t be ignored.

Saturday 8 June has been chosen because it’s the day that David Cameron is hosting the World Hunger Summit in London. This is a huge opportunity to tackle hunger and save millions of lives.  We can’t get away from the scandal that one in eight people across the world do not have enough food, even though we know there is enough food for everyone.

In the morning before Hyde Park’s gathering, Christians will join together on behalf of the church from across the world to worship and pray together at the Big IF Church Service at Westminster Central Hall opposite the Houses of Parliament at 11.30am.   Christians of all denominations will be united by a shared faith, a deep concern for the nearly one million people who go to bed hungry each night and a belief that God can use the church to speak to our nation.  After the service church leaders will then lead those attending to the Big IF Event in Hyde Park.

This is a moment that mustn’t be wasted.  We need to make it count through faith and action.  Will you be there?

The Big IF Church Service at Westminster Central Hall details are here on Tearfund’s website.

The Big IF Event at Hyde Park details are here on the Enough Food For Everyone IF website.

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