200 Up! What’s been your highlight?

According to WordPress I have now posted 200 articles on this site since I started almost a year ago.  To mark the occasion I’ve listed my ten most popular posts so far below.  David Cameron’s Easter Speech is still top having gone viral back in April.  After that, due to the site’s rapidly increasing readership, most of these top posts have been written fairly recently; in fact the number six slot is filled by the Women bishops post, which is less than a week old.

  1. David Cameron’s Easter message
  2. How much aid does the UK government give to countries where Christians are persecuted?
  3. You’ve read Cameron’s Easter speech, now read President Obama’s
  4. Have we shut out the poor from Christian festivals?
  5. Loaded Magazine’s ex-editor condemn’s lad mag culture in act of repentance
  6. Women Bishops – an honest reflection
  7. Justin Welby – new Archbishop of Canterbury – this is your moment
  8. Being a Christian doesn’t make me stupid
  9. Green Party’s shocking decision as it expels Christian councillor
  10. Can murder ever be justified?

Other than keeping an eye on how much different posts are being read.  It’s not always easy to gauge what people think of what I write.  I would be very grateful therefore if on this occasion you might be willing to leave a comment giving some feedback on any of my posts you’ve found particularly interesting, challenging or thought-provoking.  Hopefully as I continue to write, I’ll be able to up my game further, whilst at the same time trying my best to honour God through what I’m doing.

Also, just quick reminder that until December 10th you have the chance to win a signed copy of Cross Roads, the new novel by Paul Young, author of global best seller The Shack.  More details in this post.

Once again thank you for visiting this blog and taking the time to read my thoughts.  I know there are a few people who have read almost all of my posts, and to you an especially big thank you.

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  1. Congratulations! Not sure that I can choose a favourite post: every time I visit I’m either challenged or encouraged or both. Thank you and keep up the good work!

  2. Great website. Although I am only one month old on it, thought it had been going much longer. Keep it going. My on-posting of some of your articles demonstrates how good it is!

  3. Congratulations Gillan – 200 in a year and of such consistent excellence is a great achievement. Well done! I’m not able to pick one post out of your list above. I really appreciate your blog because of the way it engages with politics. On days when I’m pressed for time and might choose to only read one or two posts in my blogroll I invariably choose yours. Here’s to your 2nd year!

  4. Simply thank you. G&P is part of my daily routine and i am constantly amazed at the quality and level of information including the statistics. I shamefully use the information in my outreach work simply because it would take me days to access the same. My favourite blog was ‘What have the Christians ever done for us” for its humour. Sometimes us Christians can be seen as overly serious and lacking in that way. My experience however is quite the opposite so it was great to read that blog, to show that side.

  5. I like your blog Gillan as it is both informative and analytical. When a Christian groups acts out of an agenda other that is not as Christ centred you have made a case against them or the agenda they have embarked upon. God and Politics is an important issue. One more people should take seriously – believers or not – as Christianity has had a massive influence on UK politics. Of all the blogs I enjoyed the DC Easter Message because you then compared it to Barak Obama’s which was much more fitting and Easter orientated, as far as I was concerned. Keep on blogging!

    • What I’ve appreciated most about your comments, efgd, is that you’re not afraid to challenge what I’ve written, whilst at the same time being very supportive. I always hoped this would be a place where we wouldn’t be afraid to argue and disagree with each other, but also respect others’ opinions.

      I have a great deal to be thankful for when it comes to David Cameron’s Easter speech as my post brought this blog to the attention of a large number of new readers, many of whom have kept coming back.

  6. Congratulations Gillan. Frank Cranmer and I started Law and Religion UK in June and can fully appreciate the effort required to start-up and continue a regular blog. All the best for your second year.

    • I very much appreciate that! I am glad that I have found your blog too as it is a fantastic source of information on legal issues relating to religion and I often discover news that has not received much press attention. I’ve added it to my blog link list, but I must try harder to promote your posts.

  7. You well deserve all your plaudits Gillan. I always read G&P and greatly respect your resources. Try as I might, I cannot pick my personal “Top of the Blogs”, but I have learned so much from them, and been stimulated to think about so many of the key issues that confront us all today.
    All this has given me much valuable background information to keep me up to speed for “Prayer for Parliament”. I am sure you have several readers within Westminster!

  8. Very well done my friend, and may you long continue and discover Holy Spirit inspiring your thoughts and words more mightily than ever. You are serving Him across three of seven major ‘mountains’ – media, government and religion. Terrific!

    I can only echo previous comments and have found email subscription more helpful than having your blog tabbed with several other home pages in my browser. So I now get to see your stuff sooner. Your coverage of HOTS and of the Clearing the Ground report were especially helpful in issues I was personally involved with.

    But I have a juicy bone of contention – what particularly appeals often comes when I’m otherwise busily engaged offline!! You should call me first – couldn’t you? (Just joking 🙂

    • Thanks Richard. Your support is always valued and thank you for providing me with some of my stories too. I thought you might choose the Healing on the Streets articles. Very glad that all the publicity surrounding this in the end appeared to do more good than harm. God turned this around and blessed many people through it.

      Glad you like the email subscription. I find it the most helpful way to keep track of blogs too.

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