Two weeks until this year’s biggest prayer meeting

In two weeks time we’ll be seeing potentially the biggest prayer and worship gathering in the UK for some years as the National Day of Prayer and Worship  (NDOP) takes place in London on Saturday 29th September.  The event is being supported by a huge range of Christian denominations and organisations.  The worship will be led by Matt Redman, Tim Hughes and others.

Member of the NDOP advisory group, the Bishop of Barking, the Rt Rev David Hawkins has said:

“I commend this cross cultural interdenominational prayer event, which has been timed to be a culmination of the Christian response to the Olympic and Paralympic Games through More Than Gold.  NDOP Wembley is the culmination of six years of stadium and Borough prayer events and periods of 24/7 prayer organised by the Global Day of Prayer London which I have chaired.”

Political figures have also endorsed the event including Stephen Timms MP and Boris Johnson.  The mayor of London has consistently given his support over the years including this video for the 2009 event.

This is a rare chance for Christians of all backgrounds to come together to pray for our nation.  If we believe that the problems we face in our society can be fixed solely by politicians, charities and other groups, we are solely mistaken.  Without acknowledging there is a spiritual dimension to our lives, we fail to fully understand the issues we face as individuals and communities.  Seeking God’s agenda and asking him to be fully part of our nation’s identity is the most effective and appropriate way for Christians to seek change for the better.  As Jesus said, “With God all things are possible”.  We need to come before Him united and intercede for the health of our nation.

If you are able to go, I do urge you to.  Tickets are £15 and all the details of the event can be found a the NDOP website.

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  1. Would really have liked to have gone to this but have a prior commitment. Hope they organise it again for next year.

  2. Still a long way to go in many churches to promote such fantastic outside initiatives in Christian communal prayer and worship let alone encourage or organise participation. Very few of the congregation in my local anglican churches are even aware of the event. It’s sadly left up to to the individuals who happen to listen to Premier and UCB. Leaves me saddened and pessimistic that we have such a long way to go to get organised and be ONE church with a strong clear voice that gets heard and listened to in the political arena on matters of importance to our society. Praying for solidarity, a sense of responsibility and participation. Thank God for new media.

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