Recommended website of the week: Mars Hill

When Mars Hill is mentioned in Christian circles it usually is in relation to either a) Mars Hill Church in Seattle led by the controversial author and speaker, Mark Driscoll or b) Mars Hill Church in Michigan until recently led by controversial author and speaker, Rob Bell.

However this time I’m talking about the slightly less controversial Paul Burgin who runs Mars Hill Blog.  Paul is a member of the Christian Socialist Movement, which is affiliated to the Labour Party and regularly comments on the latest goings on in parliament.  He is also an advocate for  increased standards for morality in the media.  However, what attracts me most of all to his site are the frequent interviews he does with people in the political sphere and beyond.

In the last week two interviews caught my eye.  One was with Gary Streeter MP who Chairs Christians in Parliament.  The other was with Danny Webster who is Parliamentary Officer of the Evangelical Alliance.  The first is short and the second is longer, but both are definitely worth reading.  Paul also recently interviewed Steven Timms MP, who is the new Chair of the Christian Socialist Movement.

Paul also happens to be a big fan of Doctor Who and a prolific tweeter.  He is definitely worth following whatever your political persuasion is if you’re on Twitter.

I do recommend you head over to his site and read some more.

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