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Those of you who have been following this blog for a while will know that I’ve been keeping a close eye on the Advertising Standards Authority’s (ASA’s) investigation of Healing on the Streets (HOTS) Bath.  You can read the latest on it here.  The ASA have got themselves in a bit of a tangle deciding that God cannot physically heal anyone despite testimonies from HOTS Bath reporting that He has.

I was therefore very pleased to hear that the HOTS team from Bath had recently been invited to talk about their work in Parliament.  This the report from HOTS Bath leader, Paul Skelton:

“Following on from the many opportunities that have opened up as a result of the recent promotion of HOTS Bath by the ASA, this week both our Chair ( Rev Steve Hughes) and myself had an incredible chance to both give a presentation about the work in Bath and also to release healing within the four walls of Parliament itself.

“This God-given invitation had come about via Timothy Webb on behalf of “Prayer for Parliament”, which is chaired by the Rt Hon Jeffery Donaldson MP.  It is key in building relationships with Christian MPs and equipping the church at large in an informed way, to help us pray for our leaders and be a voice in our land.

“It is fascinating to me to see how Jesus can take any situation which at first glance may look daunting and to see what He brings out of it.

“So, in a packed parliamentary committee room of around 80 people which included a couple of MPs, we shared God’s goodness and told stories of the healings that we are seeing in our city and beyond, as well as the Father’s desire to encounter those on the streets of our nation.

“I had written out a few notes that I thought I would use, but in true Luke 12 style, I can now say that He clearly gave the words as He promised He would in these situations, as well as the ability to make prophetic declarations about revival for our Nation and for us to release Healing into the atmosphere.

“As we did so, there were 2 reports immediate of backs which had been healed when we took authority and a lady testified to something happening in her knee.

“Due to the shortness of time, it was hard to get feedback to the fullness of what the Holy Spirit was doing in that moment, but it was evident to all in the room that God had just healed people and was continuing to do so.

“We were also encouraged that only just 2 hours earlier, when David Cameron was questioned in PM Question Time about the case of the lady sacked because she had worn a cross to work, he had announced – “then we will change the law and make clear that people can wear religious symbols at work.””

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  1. Be encouraged! My wife and I have this year been privileged to become a part of Prayer for Parliament (although unfortunately we were not able to attend this particular meeting). It is a really powerful prayer group, representing several respected Christian organisations. We represent Eurovision as trustees with David Hathaway, who regularly sees miracles in his crusades. We believe it all started several years ago with a small group of prayer walkers, who were given permission to walk the House after normal opening hours. Soon security staff workers were asking for prayer, followed by late sitting MPs! Out of small beginnings….
    There is a real ambience inside the buildings today. As soon as the policeman at the gate hears mention of “Parliament Prayer” we have an immediate welcome! That is how it is. Various MPs pass specific requests for prayer through the group, both of a political and a personal nature, since both may be intertwined, in a day when standing up for one’s principles in the House, or before one’s constituents, requires courage and conviction, both of which the Lord will give.
    Praying directly beneath the chimes of Big Ben is powerful enough, within the seat of government, but it is the power from Heaven for which we pray. For we know that “The kingdom is the Lord’s and He is the governor among the nations” (Ps 22:28) and therefore well able to direct the destiny of our beleaguered Britain. He has done it before, rescuing our monarchy from two unworthy kings within the last two centuries, and delivering us from disaster on the battlefield on at least five occasions during world wars, each in response to days of national prayer at the behest of the King.
    Prayer for Parliament meets monthly to support our leaders and politicians in upholding Biblical teaching and standards, in wisdom, as many attempt to do. Tolerance in itself is a Christian virtue, but when urged upon our society without adherence to our Christian faith and moral principles, it results in compromise and capitulation, which is fast becoming the tragedy of our time. We pray that the eyes of our leaders will be opened to the many dangers of the present. Joining the Euro, governance under the undemocratic EU and the ambitions of Islam are foremost among them.
    For anyone wanting to join in prayer for our leaders, you do not need to come to Parliament to do it. Go to http://www.prayerforparliament.com and sign up free for the Prayer Shield to receive updates of current issues of strategic importance, as they are being debated. Such matters require focused and urgent prayer.

    • Thank you Richard for filling us in on Prayer for Parliment. Is supect that many ‘on the inside’ realise the limitations of the system and how important prayer is in the running of our country. It is very good to hear how well received you have been. I pray that God will continue to bless what you are doing and build relationships further.

  2. Thank you Richard. Very interesting background information to how prayer for parliament has evolved. What better place to have a prayer presence than amongst the powers and authorities but also that we can be aware and pray into those situations. I have just signed up for the updates.

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