Remembering 7/7

Today is the seventh anniversary of the London bombings.  Today I’m publishing  a poem by Annie Carter who blogs at Writelight and has written it for God and Politics in the UK.  Please take a look at her site when you’ve finished reading here.

In less than twenty-four hours

From elation to deflation

in less than twenty-four hours

From euphoria and applause

on the streets of London,

to sudden, forceful pause

across the transportation network.

Stillness in the city,

but for the sirens, the screams.

From gasps of delight

to gasps of horror,

From cheerful celebrations

to serene silence.

Lives cruelly snatched away.

Hearts leapt on Wednesday,

sank on Thursday –

Hope sapping from the heart of London

and the heart of man.

But our hope is in you, sovereign Lord

As the nations rage

our hearts remain steadfast in You.

Eight leaders in a room can never save the world,

nor the words, deeds or music of man

But at the King’s Cross

we still have reason for faith,

Hope and Love, they too remain

We won’t live in fear, but freedom

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  1. A beautiful and moving poem. I watched part of a T.V. programme this week where survivors of 7/7 described their experiences and the resulting trauma. I also wondered about the trauma experienced by ordinary people in Iraq after ”shock and awe” and all the other terrible acts of violence in conflicts all over the world. Its when mankind imposes ideology by force on others by fear that human misery results and this has also been an unfortunate feature of Christianity at certain times in history. Jesus though does not force us to come to him he gives us an invitation. He often remarks ”do not be afraid” Love and hope in faith are what brings us freedom which is a stark contrast to 7/7 but which make the last two lines of the poem most poignant.