Why do I bother blogging?

Earlier in the week some Christian bloggers I respect have been having a bit of a discussion about the nature of blogging and the use of social media in a Christian context.

Stuart at eChurch managed to pull it all together quite nicely in response to posts by Anita Mathias, Archdruid Eileen and DigitalNun.  The big issue for those of us who run a blog is working out why we do it and what we are trying to achieve.  If, as in my case, you’re doing it to represent your faith in some capacity, it then takes on a whole new dimension.  It goes back to being an ambassador for Christ and how you live it out, whether in the real world or online.  It was interesting to hear what they have to say, being far more experienced bloggers than I am.  Having only been going for just over half a year I’m still effectively a newbie on the Christian blogging scene.

There are plenty of temptations doing this to get engrossed in increasing your readership and promoting yourself to a wider audience.  Controversy and sensationalism will draw people in, but that is rarely the best thing to do if you want to have credibility.  What I care about more than anything with this blog is that God is honoured and that the gospel message of good news is applied to this world we’re living in.

What I find ironic about running this blog is that English was my least favourite subject at school.  Writing was and generally still is a chore for me.  Sitting down and bashing out a post on the keyboard takes discipline.  Quite often when I’m spending time running this site I’d rather be doing various other things and probably every couple of weeks or so I have the urge to pack it in.  It’s only really God’s grace that keeps me going.

Last summer I attended New Wine, which is a Christian festival held in Somerset and Newark every summer.  I always come away from it with new challenges from God and knowing he has a plan for me.  This time round was no exception.  I’ve had an interest in politics and current affairs for a long time although I’ve never been a party political animal.  As we spent time in worship and during times of ministry I kept having pictures of politicians popping into my head.  Sometimes I’d be talking to them.  It felt that this was of significance although I didn’t know what to make of it, but there was a clarity of thought that God was in this.  Over the following weeks I spent time in prayer and often when I was spending time in worship these thoughts kept coming back to me with a nagging urge to do something about it.

After a while I decided to go online and see if I could find places where Christians were discussing political issues.  I came across a few blogs and the Christian fellowships of the main political parties, but I struggled to find what I was looking for.  Eventually it occurred to me that maybe I should do something myself.  The thought of running a blog terrified me at first as I didn’t really feel I knew what I was talking about enough to go online and share my thoughts with the rest of the world, but the nagging feeling kept getting worse, so in the end I just said to God that if this was what He wanted me to do then I would do it, but I would need a huge amount of His help.

So several months later here we are.  I still regularly feel that I don’t know what I’m doing, but since I got going God has repeatedly blessed me, dropped things into my lap over and over again and this site is in many ways has become a success.

I guess the reason why I’m saying this is not to make me sound super spiritual, but rather to say that if God lays something on your heart, you need to go with it.  There’s a big world out there that needs God’s love and there are plenty of our nation’s leaders who need wisdom.  If they’re not asking God for it directly, then I believe it’s our duty as Christians to do what we can to help them.  We don’t need a theocracy in this country, but we do need Christians who are doing what they can to encourage our leaders to run the country with honesty, integrity, wisdom and humility seeking to defend the weak and uphold justice.  If I can do my part to encourage others to think about these things, lift them to God in prayer and take action when appropriate, then I’ll know it’s worth the effort.

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  1. You really ought to enable the Like button on your posts, Gillan 🙂

  2. You tell your story very humbly Gillan, which is how servants of God should be. To you it was a faith challenge. Our natural reaction is to feel unequal to the task, just as Moses did, but he grew into it as his faith grew with experience of God’s right hand!
    While I do not respond to all new postings, obviously, I do read them all. I would not have guessed that you were not confident or uncertain of your English. May you be blessed by following His leading into the unkown and I believe that much will come from it. It has a valuable role to play. Many of the subjects raised have provoked me into thinking on issues that I have never really thought through. It has been good – better than you know.
    Please keep going!

    • Thank you Richard for your kind comments. When I get feedback like this it does show me that I’m doing something right. Now that I’ve started blogging. I’m much more likely to comment on other people’s blog as I’ve learnt how valuable feedback can be.

  3. Very much hope you keep going! That’s an amazing story of getting your calling for it at New Wine.

    Just wanted to reassure northern readers that New Wine North is at Newark

    • Yes there is New Wine North too! Sorry for any confusion caused. I’ve been going to New Wine for a long time now and since before the Newark one started, so at home we refer to them as New Wine and New Wine North, partly because New Wine London and South East is such a mouthful!

  4. Hi Gillan I am often amazed at how much information is contained within your blogs which seems to be drawn from a wide variety of sources, you seem to have the ability to absorb information and process it very quickly bearing in mind you also have a busy professional and family life.I am surprised to learn that writing is a chore for you. It shows how God is able to use us for his purpose utilising our particular interest and gets us through the difficult / boring bits. I too may not always comment but i read every blog, much of it i commit to prayer which helps me to discern Gods will but also to act. I have been far more engaged with politicians and the political process since being involved with this Blog. This is important work you do because it helps dispel ignorance ( i myself have learned a great deal ) allows a platform for us to express views not least the very basic notion that its O.K. for Christians to be interested in politics and on a forum that allows us to explore issues with respect. Most importantly the Holy spirit is a corporate person and i am convinced that the Christian message is being crystallized in a particular way for this time in history which is relevant to the difficult challenges of our culture. I sense increased activity in the Christian community because we are rightly being challenged and what you and many others are doing I sense is part of the spirit led response.

  5. Thank you for sharing your background, personal thoughts and insightful commentaries Gillan. The Lord does indeed often directs and/or confirms by ‘dropping’ things such as email or ‘wrong’ links regarding a matter in-hand, sometimes it beggars belief!
    Your regularity of posts and eloquent depth of opinion is admirable, so ‘here here’ to fellow commentators.

  6. Thank you Graham and Richard for your kind comments. As two of my most loyal followers I do truly appreciate your support and your commitment to what I am doing. I hope we can keep working together and look forward to seeing what God has in store for us all in the future.

  7. Gillan, Your blog has developed meteorically–and, in fact, you should have written the post on developing blogs. I wrote mine, because two people that week asked me about developing blogs, and I felt I did not offer satisfactory answers.

    It’s lovely to blog in response to a nudge from God. Those kind of blogs are far more likely to bless us and be a blessing to others. I too felt I had a call from God to blog–and I still do hear that call very strongly. What God wants me to blog about is not as clear–I am discovering that by trial and error, and reader responses.

    • Thank you Anita for your kind words. I am surprised by how quickly this blog has become established. To me it is a sign that God has His hand on it. Of course I have put in a great deal of effort and it does make it easier to keep going when you feel you are achieveing something wothwhile.

      Maybe I’ll save writing an article on how to develop a blog for sometime in the future. It would be a good exercise as I’ve learnt a lot in this short amount of time and I’m sure some of it would be useful to others wanting to start or improve their own blog. What I love about this platform is that there is more than one right way of going about doing it. Your article has lots of thoughts and advice that can help and is a great place to head to if you’re starting out and want some tips.

      All of the best blogs are full of great content and yours has heaps of it!

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