If you think Christians shouldn’t be involved helping their communities then you should watch this

Quote of the Day at Stuart James’ eChurch Blog on Sunday was this:

“If David Cameron wants a Big Society, he must bring ‘We the people’ into his thinking. And to do that, he must devolve and trust. But if he will not do that within his own party, he is not likely to achieve it in the country. The Big Society is about personal and collective responsibility – the Church has been doing it for centuries. And that irrefutable fact calls for humility on the part of the Prime Minister: instead of criticising and lecturing church leaders, he might just sit at their feet and learn about the church’s centuries of experience in educating children, feeding the poor, housing the homeless and ensuring justice for the oppressed.”

It was taken from Cranmer’s Sunday blog post.

Going through the comments I noticed that one response included this:

‘As an aside it would interesting to hear just WHAT Christians themselves are doing. Here, I don’t mean self-righteous little diatribes on the internet or yards of web-posts sneering at the present and past governments; nor putting £2 in a collection plate and thinking that is doing one’s bit. But rather rolling up one’s sleeves and actually DOING something, instead of sneering and believing just because one is ‘a Christian’ one has the moral high ground.’

It came as a stark reminder that some people really have no understanding of how much churches and Christian organisations are involved doing (mostly voluntary) work that hugely benefits individuals, communities and even our nation.  I think that part of the problem is that Christians are often reluctant to make a show of what they are doing.  The Bible often talks about being humble, not proud and not seeking attention or showing off.  Also the media is generally not helpful at reporting some of the fantastic work that is going on.

Last week I came across this video presenting the work Hope Corner Community Church in Runcorn is doing with local children from difficult backgrounds to support and encourage them in a whole range of ways.  The results for some have been life transforming.  It’s this sort of thing that makes me so angry when I hear the National Secular Society and others saying that Christians shouldn’t be getting involved in the public sphere and should go away and do our thing behind closed doors.  If they think that will make our country a better place then they really have no idea.

Please take a look:

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  1. You might be interested in the response to the riots last Summer and the needs of the police and other services made by the Parish of Walthamstow, London, E17, in conjunction with members of our community and our local MP, Stella Creasy.



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