It’s time to gather to pray for our leaders in Government

On Friday July 6th at 7pm up to 1,000 leaders, politicians and prayers will gather at the Emmanuel Centre in Westminster for the sake of our parliament, government and nation.

The event entitled ‘United Kingdom Cone is being hosted by Christians in Government and is being organised by Christen Forster’s Supranatural Life and is being supported by 24-7 Prayer, Global Day of Prayer, London and several other organisations.

This is what 24-7 Prayer UK says about the event:

24-7 Prayer are excited to be supporting ‘Christians in Government’ in a timely and key prayer gathering to be held in the heart of Westminster. Here’s a bit of background…

We were approached by several Christians in Westminster to see if we could help call people to pray. They were acutely aware that 2012 is a critical year for our nation as politicians seek to respond to the shaking of the riots and economic crisis. In addition the Olympics are about to begin, Europe is in confusion and momentum is gathering for key votes on Scottish Independence. Beyond that there is an awareness that politicians and officials – whether nationally or locally – are facing huge personal pressures.

It has been so encouraging to see how various ministries like 7:14, Global Day of Prayer, Supranatural Life and Maranatha , as well as 24-7 Prayer UK, have united with various Christian political networks to spend an evening in worship and focussed intercession at the heart of the nation. Its time for change and prayer ‘moves the hand that moves the world’. I would encourage everyone who can to join us to cry out to the Lord for our nation. ITS TIME!

I’ve had this date in my diary for quite a while, having been contacted by Christen Forster (Roger and Faith Forster’s son) earlier in the year.  I’m very excited to be attending and if you can make it then I would encourage you to do so.  You don’t have to book, but you can register your interest to stay informed at the Supranatural Life website.  You can also download and print off the flyer.

If you are going then do get in touch.  It would be great to say hello.  If you can’t make it then why not set aside a few minutes to pray for our nation knowing you’ll be doing it with hundreds of others.

Our nation really does need Christians to invest time praying for our leaders and for the church to be speaking prophetically into the current political climate.  This will be an incredible opportunity to declare God’s kingdom right at the heart of our nation.  Come and be a part of it if you can.

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  1. I have been thinking about this all weekend – in the context of sacrificial prayer, especially as the need to sacrifice ones time and energy to pursue prayer. It is exciting to hear of such an event and I do hope that it goes well. Thanks for posting.

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