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I’ve managed to find a bit of time over the last week to trawl the internet looking for interesting tidbits to read.  I’ve found a few, but there’s no overarching theme this time round, although looking over them they do cover some tough subjects.  Please have a look and then pick something that sounds like a worthwhile read and take a look.

This is a thought provoking article in the Guardian.  Bishop of London, Richard Chatres presents his view on why he does not see a clash between Christianity and equality.  Rather he argues that Christianity is the original champion of equality.

Richard Bartholomew has written about the Taxpayers’ Alliance, new 400-page report entitled The Single Income Tax.  Graeme Leach who is an evangelical Christian as well as Chief Economist and Director of Policy at the Institute of Directors and the author of a foreword to the whole report gives us his interpretation of the Biblical view on taxation.  It’s not what you’d expect in such a report, but makes for interesting reading and will make you think too.

The BBC reported this week that Richard Dawkins has supported the plan to put a King James Bible in every English school.  This is not what I would expect from him at all, but then you read the reason…

“It is not a moral book and young people need to learn that important fact because they are very frequently told the opposite”.

Once again Professor Dawkins is keen to show that he understands the Bible better than the majority of us.  Maybe he does, but his interpretation leaves a lot to be desired.  He does say plenty more including complimenting its literary style just to show he’s not completely negative about everything.

Peter Ould has clips of a Channel 4 News report and interview with Christian Psychotherapist, Lesley Pilkington following the decision by the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy to suspend her for unprofessional conduct.

Gareth Davies is  Head of CARE’s Churches Department and has his own blog.  If you don’t know who CARE are and what they do, you should really find out.  His latest post is entitled, ‘Is the availability of porn leading to more child abuse?’  Gareth writes clearly on some tough subjects and this is no exception.

On a similar note Damian Thompson, the Editor of Telegraph Blogs has written an article on how addiction in its various forms is becoming an epidemic in our society.  His take on it doesn’t bode well for the future, but I don’t think he’s exaggerating the seriousness of the issue.

The Coalition for Marriage has commissioned ComRes to carry out a study into the public and MP’s views on whether marriage law should be changed.  According to the poll there is very little support for the proposals from all those surveyed.  The results are pretty overwhelming and not the type of response those seeking change will want to hear.  Here’s the Telegraph’s take on it.

Greg Daly (also know as @ThirstyGargoyle on Twitter) has written a piece in today’s Catholic World Report bringing the whole same-sex marriage saga up-to-date.  It’s a really thorough overview with plenty of detail.

The Freethinker is a well established and famous online atheist magazine that spends almost all of its time attacking and rubbishing anything to do with religious belief and in particular Christianity.  I don’t recommend you visit it unless you want to be aggrieved by high levels of hatred and intolerance.  Stuart James at eChurch has commented on article that illustrates the point.  It calls for atheists to infiltrate church congregations and disrupt the services.  Not really an intelligent strategy for winning people over to your cause.

Finally, Dr Peter Saunders at Christian Medical Comment has looked at the 2011 UK abortion statistics released this week.  He compares them to our reaction to the killing of Syrian children in Houla.  It makes for uncomfortable reading but the point he makes is a very valid one.

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