Recommended website of the week: Broken Cameras and Gustav Klimt

Sometimes I find a post on a blog or an article on an online newspaper that I read and think, “I’d love to have written that myself!”

Danny Webster is the Parliamentary Officer for the Evangelical Alliance, which in theory means that when he writes about politics he knows what he’s talking about.  He runs a blog called ‘Broken Cameras and Gustav Klimt‘.  I’m not entirely sure what that refers to, but I do plan to ask him at some point in the future.

Danny has just finished posting a series of articles looking at establishing a Biblical framework for understanding politics.  They come from talk he gave recently at the Salvation Army’s training college and provide a good starting point for understanding the nature of human politics and government through God’s eyes.  This is an extract from one of his posts:

The apostles chose to reinforce the radical message of Jesus’ death and resurrection and refused to accept the absolute claims to authority that the Roman Empire demanded.

But they didn’t reject the fact that it had authority, they just saw its authority as limited. They continued to remind the authorities of their duties and responsibilities and reflected the role of the prophets in the Old Testament.

We must remember that neither tyranny nor anarchy are what God desires. The institutions of political authority have good in them as they reflect the nature of our created God. But they are also fallen because they are formed by fallen humans.

But most of all, we must hold to the hope for the ultimate redemption of all things and how we are commanded to have a role in that rebuilding.

Danny’s blog features writings beyond politics often looking at the relationship between faith and failure.  His style is very easy to read, but at the same time he often examines some very deep truths.  I recommend you take a look!

Here are the links to the Biblical Framework for Understanding Politics articles:

A biblical framework for understanding politics – part 1

A biblical framework for understanding politics – part 2

A biblical framework for understanding politics – part 3

A biblical framework for understanding politics – part 4

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