Ten of the best!

According to WordPress I have now posted 100 articles on this site since I started at the end of November last year.  For those of us who like to use arbitrary numbers as an excuse to celebrate, this seems like a good time to pick out the ten most popular posts so far and list them in rank order.

Without wanting to be egotistical, I think that they do represent some of my best writing so far and all are worth a read if you haven’t done so already.  To give you and idea of how much these have been read, the top post, David Cameron’s Easter message has now been viewed over 2,700 times.

I’ve also used this occasion to tweak the site.  I’ve now added categories to all posts along with a category widget in the sidebar and I’m also going to stop putting up full articles on the home page in the hope it will encourage more people to read the comments that readers are posting.

Once again a big thank you for visiting and taking the time to read my ramblings.  I hope I can keep producing work that is of value, interest and that honours God.

  1. David Cameron’s Easter message
  2. You’ve read Cameron’s Easter speech, now read President Obama’s
  3. Advertising Standards Authority rules that God cannot heal the sick
  4. Advertising Standards Authority investigate “homophobic and offensive” traditional marriage ads
  5. How much aid does the UK government give to countries where Christians are persecuted?
  6. Christians in Parliament challenge ASA’s ‘God can heal’ ban
  7. Christian persecution on the agenda in Parliament
  8. The Sun on Sunday: God’s messenger of the gospel
  9. Are Christian political parties really a good idea?
  10. The Queen – 60 years of defending the faith

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  1. Congrats on hitting the ton, looking forward to the next century!

  2. Congratulations Gillan. I really enjoy visiting this site, Very informative and balanced, certainly gets you thinking. Long may it continue !!.

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