This week’s news and links – gay marriage latest round-up

The whole argument over gay (same-sex) marriage has intensified over the last few days and looks like it’s only going to increase further.  It has got to the point where it has become more of a battle than an argument.  The Government’s NHS bill has produced plenty of controversy, but this issue is threatening to become a defining feature of this term of parliament.

The Coalition for Marriage online petition now has 139,000 signatures. In response a Coalition for Equal Marriage online petition has been launched.  Currently it has 26,000 signatures

This is a list of articles and posts I’ve found that are both relevant and interesting: 

Biggest news this week is the letter from Catholic Archbishops Vincent Nichols and Peter Smith that was read out in all Catholic churches on Sunday against the proposed marriage changes.  Cranmer has published the full text.

Polls are now starting to be published gauging the public’s views.  A ComRes poll commissioned by Catholic Voices found 70% were against redefining marriage.  Another by ICM for The Sunday Telegraph gave 45% supporting the move to change the law in principle, with 36% opposing it.  However it also found that 78% think it is wrong to fast-track new laws ahead of 2015.  Peter Ould on his blog has started a Stats Watch analysing some of these statistics in more detail.

The Guardian produced an editorial on Saturday with the subheading, ‘The argument that gay marriage undermines straight marriage is as unconvincing as it is insulting’.  Dr Peter Saunders, head of the Christian Medical Fellowship, gives a critical response to it on his blog.

Finally, Christian political blogger, Paul Burgin reminds us that this whole debate is more than just a political, religious and physical argument.  It also affects real people in real relationships.

Whatever we believe in regards to this, those on each side need to treat the other with respect.  It should not be an excuse to stir up hatred and bigotry.  We are all humans made in God’s image.  We are all flawed in different ways and whatever our sexual orientation we all need His grace and forgiveness.

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