This week’s news and links – 6th January

Every week I see some stories and issues that I’d like to comment on, but just don’t have the time.  Fortunately the more I explore the internet, the more I find articles on these topics that are worth reading.  This is a chance to share some of them.

Yesterday’s Falconer report on euthanasia and assisted dying has kicked up a big fuss, mainly due to claims that it is independent.  The report was part funded by Terry Prachett who is a patron of Dignity in Dying and the majority of those on the commission panel are known to be supporters of assisted suicide.  Over 40 organisations including the British Medical Association boycotted the inquiry.  Fortunately the government doesn’t appear to have taken much notice of it.  Even the BBC news didn’t give it much time.  If you want to get a flavour of a typical Chrisitan response to the report, Cranmer’s blog is definitely worth a read.  If you want to go really in depth into the arguments against the report then Christian Medical Comment is definitely the place to turn to .

Michael Nazir-Ali, the former Bishop of Rochester, has written an oustanding piece in The Telegraph.  In it he argues that in the civil service, parliament and local authorities religious literacy has almost disappeared.  He discusses the need for our country to rediscover its Christian roots and for the Church to have a central role in public life.

The Archbishop of Canterbury was on better form for his New Year message than his Christmas one.  There has been criticism from some MPs and sections of the press that it was too political, but if I agreeded with that analysis, I wouldn’t be writing this blog.

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