Christmas speeches part 2

A good friend of mine has pointed out that in the last post I failed to mention John Sentamu, the Archbishop of York.  Second only to the Archbishop of Canterbury in rank, his humour and down-to-earth approach provide a helpful balance to Rowan Williams’ intellectualism.  It looks like he has been having a busy Christmas delivering the Christmas messages all over the place including such places as Radio 2 and The Sun.  It appears that he and Dr Williams have been exchanging notes as they have been covering similar points over this festive period, especially in relation to greed in capitalism.  The Church of England is definitely beinging to find its voice in taking on the banking industry and this country’s obsession with materialsim.  It’s just a shame it took the mess at St Paul’s last month to get things moving.  Dr Sentamu’s words are again full of an infectious enthusiasm.  He really should be made the spokesperson fo the Chruch of England.

As a final point, I found this wonderful graphic quoting part of the Queen’s Speech today created by James Docherty.  You can find a hi-res version HERE.

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  1. Yeap John Sentamu speaks out the message clearly and in an understandable way. Interesting to see to that no one can write anything bad about him. Indeed I have seen no critisism written over his words and deeds.

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